Professional Career
Technology Executive Experience 
  • Director, Microsoft Institute for Advanced Technology in Governments, Microsoft Corporation. Strategic and technical oversight of Microsoft long-range efforts to use advanced technologies to solve significant public-sector challenges, focusing on major enterprisewide problems of national governments, state and local governments, e-government, health care, and education
  • Current expertise in enterprise technologies, operations, management, corporate best practices, information management systems
  • State-of-the-art knowledge in data-mining, predictive analysis, semantic computing
  • Start-up experience as well as Silicon Valley consulting roles
  • Senior technology advisor to the "Mayor of Silicon Valley" during 1990s

Government & Private Sector Management

  • Senior policy/planning management in U.S. intelligence community
  • Senior Public/Private executive roles in Washington DC, California and Silicon Valley
  • Vice President for Government Policy, leading West Coast consulting firm

    Public Policy Expertise (foreign & domestic)

    • International-relations fellow & consultant (Russia, Europe, Middle East)
    • Published two books on government policymaking including defense & foreign policy, economic growth strategies, entrepreneurial government
    • Seasoned political campaign manager, fundraiser, political consultant

    CEO-level Communications

    • Best-selling author of books, op-eds
    • Speechwriter for congressional campaigns, mayors of major American cities, business executives
    • Executive consultant on polling, strategic planning, competitive positioning
    • Guest Lecturer on government & finance for MBA classes at Stanford University's Graduate School of Business

    courtesy NCSI

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